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  • Valeria Cruz

Porto: a city to fall in love with

In 2020 I set off on a trip with my boyfriend, Rodrigo, to Portugal. We were captivated by its beauty and diversity of landscapes in such a small country, so we travelled through the south, centre and north, visiting places like Faro, Albufeira, Lagos, Portimão, Lisbon, Braga, Gerês, among others.

This time it was Porto, a city we had heard a lot about, from its historic centre, panoramic views, colourful houses, gardens, to the warmth of its people. It was a destination that could not escape from our travel plan. It was a sunny day in October, not too hot, perfect for sightseeing. First of all, we walked around the historic centre visiting places such as:

- Sao Bento Station

- Do Carmo Church and Church of the Carmelitas

- Fountain of the Lions

- Chapel of the Souls

- Church of San Ildefonso

We continued our tour to the Sé Cathedral where we enjoyed a violin concert by a street performer playing movie classics. It was there that we had our first views of the city from above, its orange roofs, narrow streets and uneven topography made it postcard perfect.

We then walked down to the banks of the Douro River where we found stalls with handicrafts and souvenirs of Porto, many restaurants with spectacular views and street artists livening up the atmosphere with their performances.

We then crossed the famous Luis I Bridge over its lower level to Gaia, walked along its banks and enjoyed a tasting of Port wine in one of its many cellars.

To end the day we went up to the Jardim do Morro to watch the sunset and have a few drinks. Then we reached the Serra do Pilar where we took the last pictures of the bridge, the city and the river bathed in gold by the last rays of the sun.

A unique and beautiful day that we will always keep in our memories. Porto, a city I would come back to and would definitely recommend 100%.


Did you like the photos of the city? Photos taken by Rodrigo Monzon Recalde. See more here.

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