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Come and discover the Nectar of the Gods!

Copo com vinho do Porto

A visit to the city of Porto can have several reasons, but none of them misses a glass of Port Wine. It is everywhere, even in the blood of the locals!

Be it a welcome glass at the Boavista Guest House, a visit to the famous cellars where it is stored, an accompaniment to dessert in any restaurant or even a tasting to understand its differences, there are several options that appear in a tour around the city.

Porto actually gave its name to the famous wine in the XVII century, because it was the city from where it was sold/exported in a big way. The drink is produced only in the beautiful Douro Demarcated Region and stored in the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. It requires certain characteristics to obtain the name "Port Wine", the main one being that it must be produced in the Demarcated Region of the Douro, the first demarcated region in the world (since 1756).

One of the theories about the creation of Port Wine says that brandy was added to the normal wine so that it could stand the long trips to England where it was exported. However, during one of these trips, the brandy was added a little earlier by mistake, still during fermentation, which caused the fermentation to stop and the liquid to become sweet.

Whatever the true theory is, what matters is that it exists, it is delicious, it is our ex-libris, and it is loved all over the world.

Port wine tasting on our terrace

exterior terrace

At Boavista Guest House we always welcome our guests with a smile and a glass of Port! And we have recently launched a small Tasting Kit, in which our guest can taste 3 types of Port Wine, accompanied by handmade chocolate or traditional cheeses, and with the right to a brief explanation of each type of wine. A great kit to discover on our terrace, in one of these wonderful afternoons we have been having.

After this presentation, you are ready to explore the city and especially the wineries, for a deeper experience in the world of wine.

We leave you some suggestions of Cellars/Spaces to visit, to know more about Port Wine:



WOW (World ofWine District)


Penicillin cures, but Porto wine makes people happy” - Alexander Fleming

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