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  • Antonieta Rodrigues

Sardines in fabric

Decoration for São João

Do you prefer the fluffy and colorful sardines? Then you will like our suggestion for your São João decoration!

Here at Boavista Guest House we decided this year to make a nice sardine display. There are big and small, all of them colorful and fun - ready for the Santos Populares!

Want to know how to do it? We show you the step-by-step, inspired by Silvinha Borges' video and you can find the template on her blog.


Mark the pattern on the fabrics and cut - 2 layers of fabric, right side to right side and cut with the scissors what you marked.


Sew the head with the body. You can later add a decorative ribbon on both sides.


To make the sardine sturdier, you can put a quilt on one side, but it is optional. Sew all the way around, leaving an opening to turn over later.


Fill the sardine and close it with invisible line or machine stitch. You're done!

We hang several in our breakfast room window.

Share with us your S. João decoration on facebook ou instagram - @boavistaguesthouse

Although this year the celebration of the São João is not the same as in other years, Porto's shops decorated their windows as usual - we will share some of them on our social meia. In Aliados you will find 900 manjericos!

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